Is Indian Food Really Healthy?

Many people consider Indian food as a healthy cuisine because most of its preparations use wholesome ingredients. Nevertheless, some controversy still exists. Read on to find out how far Indian food is nutritious and good for health.Indian Food

There is one question, however, which often arises in the mind of Indian food lovers – ‘Is the cuisine really as healthy as it claims to be?’ It is true that many Canadians take great interest in trying various Indian foods. But there are also people who doubt the wholesomeness of dishes such as Shahi Paneer, Daal Makhani, Baingan Masala, Vegetable Korma, Chicken Curry and so on.
There are some fundamental foods which stand out from the rest of the common dishes. Let’s take a quick look at their calorie and fat content:
1) Roti – a 6 inch roti contains 85 calories, 0.5g of fat
2) Daal – around 154 calories every 150 grams, 6g of fat
3) Mixed vegetable – around 142 calories every 150 grams, 15g of fat
4) Chicken curry – 300 calories every 100 grams, 15-35g of fat
5) Coconut rice – 368 calories every 100 grams, 15g of fat
Thus, it is evident from the above mentioned information that a typical Indian lunch or dinner generally contains less calories and fat, if oils and ghee are not used too freely. Moreover, the fact they are prepared from fresh produce and simple processed foods means that they consist of resistant starch, natural protein and good carbs. There are plenty of dishes which incorporate chicken, fish and beans, which are, again, good sources of healthy fats and protein.
For someone who blames Indian food for their unbalanced diet or obesity, it can be possible that they consume snacks like samosas, chicken pakoras and too much of fried items and junk foods on a regular basis. If an individual gives high priority to weight management and cardiovascular health, they should be prudent enough to stop eating such deep fried savouries. It is not a bad idea to visit some restaurant for enjoying the best Indian food in Vancouver every month. What matters is the dishes ordered. It would undoubtedly determine whether the meal is going to be a healthy one or not. Nothing is healthy if consumed in excess amounts, and Indian food is no different. There is no harm in having fried snacks once in a while. But one must focus more on eating wholesome foods in order to maintain good health.