Shopping For Floor Tiles The Right Way

If you are thinking that buying floor tiles is the easiest of all tasks, wait till you come across the wide range of material, pattern and colour options available in the market. Also the task of selection itself would involve various other small things you need to undertake. Otherwise you can end buying something that either does not meet your requirements or fail to augment the overall aesthetic appeal.

Have a look at some tips given below that will aid you to purchase the right floor tiles:

Take Measurements Of Your Room

Before you get yourself busy choosing between porcelain and ceramic tiles or some other material option, it is imperative that you measure the surface area of your room properly. To keep the procedure simple, first measure the length and breadth of your room, and then multiply them. The resulting quantity is the total area. In order to reimburse for error in measurement that might have occurred, add 10 percent to the gross. If you have any electrical fixture installed on the floor, such as a stainless steel floor box, you will have to deduct its area from the total.

Consider The Options

The next task is to decide the type of tiles that will adorn your floors. There are plenty of options available on the market, including those made of glass, ceramic, natural stone and mosaic. These options also come in a plethora of designs and patterns. Make sure that you take the factors of style and appearance into account extensively. While bold and coloured options will help to create a statement in areas like kitchen or dining room, neutral ones work well in bathrooms.


Check Their Suitability

Once you have chosen a particular type of tiles, check whether they are appropriate for your project or not. The best thing you can do is inspect PEI (Porcelain & Enamel Institute) rating of the product you are considering to buy. It will give you sufficient information to determine if the tiles are really suitable for the area that you wish to use them.

Besides following the above mentioned steps, you can also take advice from experts prior to shopping for floor tiles. Whatever you do, avoid settling for cheap products and comprising with quality. After all, you would not want the floor of your room to lose its lustre and appeal within a short period of time.