Drilling A Hole For A Desk Power Grommet

Desk Grommet

Desk Grommet

Unless you have special furniture with pre-drilled holes for televisions, gaming consoles, DVD players and stereo systems, your desk would not have holes to install a grommet. In that case, you will need to drill one into the top of the table if you wish to ensure proper cable management. The task is easy and you will require a few simple things to get it done.

Acquire a drill machine or borrow it from a neighbour if you don’t have one. Also, buy a desk power grommet of the size that you require. Place it on that spot of the table where you need the hole for passing the cables through. Mark its perimeter on the surface using a pencil and make sure that the marking is done accurately. Any error can result in damage of the furniture piece’s integrity, which may impart a very unappealing look.

Before you start with the process of drilling, make sure to remove all equipment kept on top of the desk. This is because vibrations from the drill machine can knock things off right from the table and might even cause them to break. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping in mind the dimensions of the grommet , choose an appropriate drill bit. It is more likely that you will need something between ½ and ¼ inch. Once you have picked the right drill bit for the task, place it in the machine and then tighten it properly by hand.

Do not rush and gently place the head of your chosen bit at one point of the marking that you made earlier. Carefully press the button of the machine and start drilling slowly. Be gentle when applying pressure for guiding the bit through the surface of the furniture. Pressing too hard may cause you to accidentally drill outside of the marking, so avoid exerting excess force. Keep the machine running even when you are pulling back the bit from the wood. In this manner, create the hole that you need to place the grommet.

At the end, gently wipe away the dust using a clean cloth. Now place all the electronic devices back on the table and finally, install your grommet. Pass all cables through the hole and if you want to give a more appealing look to the undersurface of the desk, bundle up the wires using cable ties.