Why Go For Whale Watching In Hervey Bay During Winter?

Every year, while travelling from the cold Antarctic waters to the warm tropical areas during winter, the giant and majestic Humpbacks use the waters of Hervey Bay as a stoppage to relax before continuing with their journey. This provides local accommodation facilities and tour operators the opportunity to conduct whale watching tours for enthusiastic tourists. But it is not just the thrill of watching the titanic aquatic mammals up close that makes winter a perfect time to visit Hervey Bay. Let’s have a look at the other reasons which explain why you should go for watching whales in this natural bay during winter:

The City Is Exquisite :

Hervey Bay is a very peaceful and calm coastal town filled with the elements portraying the typical beauty of Queensland. Once you are here, you’ll be mesmerised by golden sunsets, uncrowded beaches and lengthy chilly days complemented by clear blue skies. The place is dotted with bars, cafes and restaurants. There are even plenty of water activities that you can engage yourself in. Besides that, you would also be able to book comfortable holiday apartment accommodation in Hervey Bay.

The Water Bodies Are Some Of The Bluest :

During winter, the water bodies in and around Hervey Bay attain a rare pristine blue appearance. And watching the Humpback whales frolicking in those waters is a treat to the eyes of any nature lover. While sailing in a boat through the waters, you will also have plenty of opportunities to take amazing photographs.

Hervey bay

hervey bay

There Are Many Other Things To See Besides Whales :

Apart from encountering whales, chartering the waters of Hervey Bay during winter can also allow you with chances to see many other marine creatures. If you are lucky, you might get to watch dolphins, dugongs or even turtles. There are some exquisite sea birds that you can feast your eyes on too.

No Other Better Place & Time To Enjoy A Holiday :

Visiting Hervey Bay during winter can be a wonderful experience for you in its own right, even if whale watching is not the primary reason of your trip. The beautiful beaches, the ample number of places to eat excellent local delicacies and lots of fun activities will definitely lift your spirits.

So what are you waiting for? It’s winter in Hervey Bay already. Pack your bags and get ready for enjoying a wonderful vacation in this place apart from watching whales.