How To Set Up The Server Room Of A Small Business?

How To Set Up The Server RoomThough small businesses generally feel the need to hire external assistance for setting up their server room, it is not actually necessary if the tech guy can just follow a few essentials. Organising the server hub of a medium-sized company is hardly an intricate task ever. If you feel confused about the whole thing, here are some tips that will help you:

Understand The Usefulness Of A Server Rack :

9.jpgPrior to buying the server rack, you must comprehend its fundamental characteristics properly. This kind of rack generally measures using special units that are written as U or RU. One RU equals to 44.5 millimetres in high, and the compliant equipment is measured in the multiples of RU. Servers are generally 1U-4U, network switches from 1U-2U and the blade servers, 5U-10U or even more.

Consider Rack Mount Equipment :

2.jpgAlthough the idea of stacking network appliances and server hardware on desks or shelves can be quite tempting due to its affordability, the equipment pile will later expand to form a mess. Besides that, there are always risks of physical tampering to exposed equipment. Therefore, rack-mount equipment is ideal for housing servers and related hardware.

Wire Management Is Important :

3.jpgSetting up a server room involves a lot more than simply twisting some screws and securing the equipment in place. Managing all those cables and wiring from different pieces of hardware is vital. There are various tools which can be used for ensuring effective management, such as computer floor grommet cable seal, brush grommet, cable ties and so on. All you need to do is select an appropriate option according to the size of your server room and the amount of cables.

Label Everything For Identification :

4.jpgIn order to avoid confusion in future, make sure you label all of your equipment properly. You can buy a mundane label printer for the purpose. Use unique & descriptive names for labelling network appliances and servers, along with their IP addresses. Do the same for other items as well, including video, keyboard & mouse switches, routers, data backup devices, NAS appliances and redundant hardware.

Get One Or Two AC Units :

5.jpgAs your server room gradually grows, heat can start building up within it more quickly. To prevent heat buildup, consider placing at least a single AC unit within the room.

Setting up a server room is considered a Gargantuan task by many, but it is usually not much of a hassle. Following a few simple steps can make it easier and successful.