Home Decor Trends You Need To Watch In 2016

Home Decor Trends

Home Decor Trends

Home decoration is more of an artful process that keeps evolutionising with the progress of time. The trends involved continue to change from year to year as per the altering preferences of homeowners. This year, that is, 2016, also has some of its own trends that you need to watch for if you are enthusiastic about increasing the aesthetic appeal of your abode:

Marble Accents
Appearing in a variety of decorative elements such as candle holders, coasters, trays, picture holders and planters, marble accents have certainly gotten very popular as home decor essentials this year in the UK. Perhaps it is their ability to impart a sense of timelessness and crispness that has made them so preferable among the majority. To top it all off, they also deliver small tints of luxury.

It would be needless to say that wallpapers have the most commonly used home decor element since time immemorial. And it is quite interesting to note that their demand has not decreased even a bit. Instead, nowadays they come in a variety of style and design options. There is even the easy-to-use self adhesive removal wallpaper, which you can simply peel and paste on your wall without any assistance.

Mixed Metals
People who think that layering metals are too bold need to re-consider these invaluable home decor elements. An artful combination of gold, brass, copper or silver tones can barely fail in adding an elegant look to your living space or bedroom. You may even juxtapose metals with matte, textured or natural materials like concrete, wood and marble.

Matte Finishes
Matte finishes convey a casual but brilliant sophistication to industrial, rustic-inspired or minimalist interiors. You can use oxidised metals, chalk-finish paints and matte glazes sparingly in addition to pairing them with reflective surfaces. However, take care so as not to create an extremely cave-like vibe.

Global Folk Textiles
This year, bright, woven and embroidered fabrics in the colours of the rainbow have occupied their place in the list of home decor trends. You can have them in the form of pillows, table linen, wall hangings and upholstery.

Leather Details
In case you are looking for something masculine, leather details are your best bet. Simple unfinished wood shelves, mirrors and soften clocks trimmed with leather sections are capable of bringing earthy gentleness to any spare space.


Go ahead and experiment with these home decor trends to determine which one suits your abode the best. You can even combine two or more of them to create an entirely new effect.