Items That Can Help To Create A Space Efficient Room

living-room-design-img.jpgNowadays, most homeowners hunt for ideas to turn their living areas into space efficient rooms in order to make the most effective use of the available floor area. And this trend is catching up more quickly with people residing in studio suites and two-room apartments. If you are trying to make a multifunctional space out of your room too, here are a few things that you will need:

A Coffee Table Complete With Storage Space

Yes, simple coffee tables available in the market can look very sleek in your living space. But if you need a space efficient room, think of a bespoke option with ample of storage space that you can use to keep your books, TV remote, stationery items, etc. There are a number of options that you can choose from. The best one is a hard-surface table with concealed storage or shelving to house your knick-knacks. Or you may even go for an Ottoman in case you need ultra-storage.

A Stainless Steel Floor Box

A space efficient area has to be versatile as well, and installing a stainless steel floor box can help to bring about just that. Having a floor box fitted in the middle of the room can provide a number of benefits. On the other hand, when the fixture is not being used, you can slide a chair or couch over it and have a concealed utilitarian power outlet. Most floor boxes come with a lid that can be snapped on to prevent entry of dust and dirt, so you need not even worry about maintenance as much.

Side Table With Seating

If the available space within your living room is relatively less, side tables that can double as seating would greatly contribute towards creation of a space efficient room. Suppose, you have got a few guests over for a small gathering. The side table may be used for keeping drinks on. And when there is need for an extra chair, it will serve that purpose as well.

Modular Seating

Having some modular seating within a space efficient area is a must. And if you need ample of it, then go for sectional sofas. You can either separate them into pieces for seating several people or push them together into a couch comfortable for watching TV. In case you want to remove it from the room for hosting a house party, that can be done easily too.

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In addition to the above mentioned items, you may also get a wall bed unit, an expandable table etc; basically, whatever completes your space efficient room.