51 Awesome Clothing And Shoe Hacks To Save You So Much Money

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1. Spray your sweaty clothes with lemon juice and water before you wash them to reduce potential sweat marks and discoloration.
sub-buzz-4346-1466537698-12. Get a stuck zipper unstuck by rubbing some crayon on both sides of the zipper.
sub-buzz-25079-1468447062-13. If your stiff leather jacket isn’t to your liking, you can loosen it up by getting it wet and stretching in it a bit.
sub-buzz-29638-1468949928-14. Reduce drying time by wrapping your wet clothing items in a towel and then squeeeezing them.
anigif_sub-buzz-12098-1467922721-55. Never lose another effing sock again: Wash your socks in a lingerie bag.
sub-buzz-5695-1467750235-16. Pssst…you can also use lingerie bags to wash stuffed animals.
sub-buzz-13049-1468354522-37. Rethread a hoodie string that’s gone rogue by stapling the string to a straw and pulling it through.
sub-buzz-24939-1469018673-38. Or attach a safety pin to the end of a rogue drawstring to push it back in place.
sub-buzz-15753-1466542982-19. You can un-shrink a sweater by soaking…

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