What Goes Into Creation Of A Good Recording Studio?

Recording Studio

If you are a professional musician or participate in musical gigs on a regular basis as a fancy hobby, you may often feel the need to have your recording studio, where you and your bandmates can rehearse for upcoming shows. Owning a place to jam right at home can be an overwhelming and expensive affair. But once the studio is ready, it can help you to save a lot of money that you spend for renting out jam pads.

In case you are wondering about what goes into building a good recording studio, have a look at the information stated below:

Proper Location:-
To begin with, you will need to choose a suitable place for establishing the studio in. Make sure that the room you pick would be able to accommodate all your music equipment comfortably, and also have a lot of empty space remaining after that.

Sufficient Light :-
In case you want to use the sun for lighting up your studio, opt for a combination of acoustic glass and single double glazed unit without opening windows. Hire a good glazier to have it correctly installed and sealed. For those who are left with no other option but to block the windows with soundproofing, install low light bulbs inside to set up a nice ambiance.

Heavy Door :-
Your studio has to have a heavy door that seals tightly when closed, blocking out all noise from the outside. Otherwise, a regular door applied with special vinyl material can work as an excellent alternative.

Power Supply :-
Creating power sockets on the wall of the studio can compromise the carefully done soundproofing. Therefore, surface-mount all power using trunking or conduit. You can even have a stainless steel floor box installed into the floor, and create another section for lights.

Ventilation :-
Proper ventilation within a recording or jamming studio is important, not just for breathing normally, but also to prevent moisture from accumulating on the equipment. You would require an outlet and inlet spaced apart evenly. One of them should be fitted with a fan.

Acoustic Box :-
Ventilation will create a hole in soundproofing. In order to cover it up, you will need an acoustic box. It would be a β€˜S’ shaped duct made with an MDF box and lined using acoustic foam. The thing must be placed on the vent holes with mesh for keeping out insects.


This is the basic setup of a jamming studio. If you want a highly sophisticated one, get in touch with a professional.