Lightboxes And Backlit Films


A backlit film is essentially a thin plastic material ideal for use in displays like hoardings, banners, signage, etc. It is usually illuminated with the help of soft lights from behind in a wide range of applications, including mobile advertising and mall displays. It helps to display different types of graphic designs in an appealing and dynamic way.

Lightboxes are transparent cases fitted with visually attractive translucent graphics illuminated using LED lights. These displays produce vivid and bright colours that can effectively draw in the attention of passers by. As such, they are being used extensively nowadays by several businesses to highlight their services and products in a dynamic and appealing way.

The combination of A4 backlit paper and lightbox creates a near-perfect display media that can be used for advertising virtually anything, be it a brand name, logo or even a promotional message. Its biggest advantage is that it can be easily carried from one place to another because of its lightweight. Moreover, it is usually lit up using LEDs, which prevent overheating and make it safe for any person to touch the display if they like.

Backlit graphics can be printed as per one’s business requirements and product specifications. If designed the right way, they can give a significant push ahead in competition. This is because a finished backlit poster possesses a vivid and acute appearance with excellent depth. That is why it can work well even in an environment with poor lighting.

At present, the most commonly used and highly effectively backlit film  is Duratrans. It has become a staple of the advertising, signage and graphics industries. Its uninterrupted tone resolution, high quality colour bandwidth and black opacity have made it an industry-wide preference for brand promotion and advertising.

Duratrans backlit film is, in fact, an emulsified polyester surface with laser exposure of 4000 dpi, which is the greatest dot resolution in the industry of large format print media so far. It is developed photochemically using uber-modern silver halide process in order to produce a rich and broad colour spectrum, something that cannot be achieved with inks. Its black opacity, which has been mentioned, is top notch and the best of its kind in the market of UK. All these factors make Duratrans an ideal and powerful companion of lightboxes, as it absorbs light evenly all over its surface from the LED strips inside and creates a vibrant & eye-catching display.