Here’s How You Can Turn Your Messy PC Desk Into Paradise

Messy PC Desk


Nowadays, most tech firms promote their advanced gizmos and gadgets in a way that makes them seem like the best solutions for simplifying our lives. However, these high end devices can be as annoying as they are useful sometimes. Let’s consider a feasible example from our daily lives to understand the whole thing better – our personal desktop computers. Most of us have it, and we cannot deny the fact that the wires from its different components often create a mess that’s not easy to deal with. Fortunately, there are ways to tackle the problem effectively and turn a messy PC desk into a paradise:

Taming The Wires

Even the simplest of personal computers have about 5 or 6 cords projecting out of its components. And the clutter increases further if extras are added to the desk, such as speakers, a UPS or a printer. The untidy jungle of wires, of course, dampens the appearance of the space. But there are plenty of affordable solutions, like desk power grommet, cable raceways, velcro ties and so on, which can help to reduce the clutter significantly.

Eliminating Cords

Preventing cords from getting tangled with one another is, beyond any doubt, a good measure to keep the desk tidy and organised. But what if there are few or no wires at all? We are talking about wireless keyboard, mouse, printer and headphones. Those who are planning to build a PC at present can consider this tip for eliminating the mess of wires altogether.

Buying Monitor With VESA Mount

Replacing the traditional monitor with one having a VESA mount can help to increase the area of usable surface on the desk. Such a monitor can be adjusted to free up entire space for some other purpose when it is not being used. In addition to that, it can also offer various ergonomic perks, as it may be adjusted to a position that is most comfortable for the user.

Using A Small Desktop

Standard desktops are generally 14 to 18 inches long and 8 inches wide, and as such, take up a lot of space in the desk area. Rather than using one of them, an individual can opt for a miniature desktop. Although small desktops are not as powerful as their standard counterparts, they are ideal for people with modest requirements.

Thus, if you are planning to organise your computer desk, you can consider the above mentioned tips.