Places To Visit During Your WA Trip

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AUS1.jpgGenerally, travellers visiting Australia seem more inclined to explore the southern regions of the country, such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, etc. However, if you want to experience the true beauty of Australia, you better not go with the flow. Instead, plan a trip to Western Australia from the very beginning. Not only does the state have some really fantastic places that would leave you in awe, but is also dotted with various comfortable accommodation facilities.

Here are a few regions that you can check out during your vacation in WA:


rottnestDeriving its name from the misunderstanding of Dutch explorers who mistook quokkas for rats, Rottnest can be easily accessed from Perth via ferries. Since cars are not allowed here, you will have to rent a bike for exploring the bays, which serve as excellent spots for fishing, snorkelling, surfing or simply lazing. If you are a camper…

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