Understanding The Process Of Building Construction

consulting engineers

Building construction is a long complicated & hectic process and involves several steps starting from laying the ground foundation to the finishing touches, with a lot of calculations, speculations and planning all throughout. This discussion aims on providing you with an idea about the construction process.


To start things off, an investigation must be done of the site you have choosen for contruction. It is advised to hire consulting engineers for this process. In Queensland, you will find many such certified engineers to help you with the process. The investigation looks into different aspects of the land such as, its soil quality, how much weight and pressure it can handle, and so on. This is very important as it gives you the idea of what you can do and what you can’t. Based on the report of your investigation, your future steps are decided.

Soil Test

After you have your report ready, engineers will work on the foundation of your construction. This is the most vital part. From the investigation report, engineers would know about the soil quality and the weight it can handle. These two pieces of information will be the dictating factors when you decide the height and weight of your building/home.Once you have these parameters, your architect and consulting engineer will start working on the blueprint of your building. The blueprint will give you every detail about your building, from design to width of walls and so on.


Next you will require a contractor to get your project started. The contractor will be managing the labourers working on your construction site and also choose the materials that are going to be used. But you must also have a detailed discussion with your architect and consulting engineer regarding the materials and their quality. Make sure you choose a good contractor for your project. If your contractor is good with management, then it will lower the cost of construction whilst retaining the quality of it.


Your contractor, consulting engineer and your architect must have good knowledge about the National Construction Code regulations to avoid future troubles. The energy effeciency of the building/house should be kept in mind while planning the construction and deciding materials that are to be used. As of 2010, all constructions in Australia need to comply with BCA’s 6 star energy efficiency. So it is very important that you know your construction is being done following the government’s regulations.

Following the above mentioned points will help you get started with a strong foundation and a good team. Remember, construction is a complicated task and you should always have your ears and eyes open. Keep track of every step and make sure regulations are followed all throughout. Having a well planned construction will benefit you in the long run.