Surprise Your Parents On Their 25th Wedding Anniversary

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So your parents have been talking about celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, but still did not decide what to do and what not to, yet? Just pretend to ignore them! Act like you are least bothered about their special day and let them continue with whatever they are up to. When the day finally arrives, surprise them with some unexpected gifts. Wondering what to present them with in order to put a smile on their faces. Here are some great ideas, have a look –

1. Throw a party – If you are living with your parents, then it will be quite difficult to arrange a house party. In that case, you can opt for arranging the party at any local restaurant or an affordable banquet hall. However, arranging the party may not be that easy. There are certain important factors that must be kept in mind while proceeding with the process. For instance, you need to book a banquet hall or restaurant at least a week in advance. Invite the guests and ask them not to reveal anything about the celebration in front of your parents before the day. Take care of the decoration part as well. Make sure everything is perfectly organised. Also, order an anniversary cake for them. Take them to the venue when the whole preparation is complete.

2. Plan a surprise weekend trip for them – If you want your parents to spend some quality time with each other then it is best to plan a short weekend trip for them. Make sure the place is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For instance you can opt for booking a resort accommodation in a romantic place such as Hervey Bay. Consult with a tour company and schedule the trip without any hassle. Wrap the tickets and other tour essentials with a gift wrap paper, tie it up with a ribbon and present it to your parents. They will be delightfully surprised to see how much their child cares for them.

3. Take them out for dinner – If you don’t have the budget for either arranging a party or planning a weekend trip for your parents, then simply opt for a family dinner. After all money can’t buy happiness. The main aim is to make your parents happy and proud. However, don’t let your parents know about the dinner plan. Just tell them that all of you need to go out for some time. Take them to the restaurant and order the food according to their preferences.

So make the 25th anniversary of your parents special for them by using these ideas, and give them opportunity to share indelible memories with one another.