How Can I Organise My Wardrobe Systematically?

Organise My Wardrobe Systematically

Wardrobe is one of the most important bedroom essentials presented in every house. Be it a single wardrobe, double doored or four door one, keeping it organised is definitely a mandatory task. There are many a furniture store in Bondi Junction who offer wardrobes in different style, shape and design options. However, to make the furniture look more pleasant, it is always advisable to arrange it properly. Many people often get confused about how to organise their wardrobe systematically, from where to start, what to do and so on. If you are one of them, then follow the below mentioned steps for organising your wardrobe neatly – 

Sort out your clothes – 

pexels-photo-102129sorting the clothes means to find out which ones are important and which ones you don’t wear anymore. For instance, the apparels that you used to wear during your college days are no more required for your office days. To sort your attires properly, you need to –

  • Pull everything out of the wardrobe and place them on your bed
  • Take 3 bags and mark them individually with – Keep, Trash and Donate.
  • Check your clothes and place them accordingly in your labeled bags.
  • If you have to sort your shoes and accessories too, then follow the same procedure.

For example, if you have not worn a particular apparel for more than six months, then it is best to donate that garment.

Store bulky and seasonal items – 

Store bulky and seasonal itemsIf you have a large wardrobe, then you can easily store all your bulky and seasonal items separately. Since seasonal items take up a lot of unnecessary space inside your wardrobe, so it is always advisable to store them separately. However, if you don’t have so much of storage space, then consider keeping them in seal bags and then place the bags either on the top of the wardrobe or in any other room of your house. It is advisable to use vacuum bags because they do not require too much space. 

Re-arrange the clothes according to their usage –  

Re-arrange the clothesAfter sorting out all your unimportant clothes, rearrange the remaining ones according to their usage. Group the cloths by marking separate shelves for party, casual and office wears. Hang small items like shorts, skirts, tops, on hangers etc. Use the same method for arranging your shoes and accessories too. 

Thus, get ready to have an organised and appealing wardrobe by following all the aforementioned systematic steps.