Difference Between A Genuine And A Compatible Ink Cartridge

Genuine And A Compatible Ink Cartridge

Usually, most of the printer brands strongly recommend their customers to use genuine or OEM ink cartridges when it comes to printing. This is to ensure optimal quality and protect the print head from clogging and corrosion. However, many people prefer buying ink cartridges from a third party manufacturer mainly because of affordability. The inks provided are not at all sub standard and thus, they are also called as compatible inks. These compatible inks produce prints that are same as the ones given out by the original ones.

So, what is the difference between genuine and compatible ink cartridges?

Genuine cartridges are directly manufactured by the company who provide the particular printer that you are using. These ink and toner cartridges are also called OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and are available at premium prices. On the contrary, compatible ink cartridges are usually cheaper than the former. Compatible inks are high quality branded inks that provide the same prints in a much cheaper rate.

Most of the compatible ink cartridges are discounted by seventy percent compared to genuine products. You just have to make sure that the compatible toner and ink cartridges are bought from a reputable online printer ink supplier. In actual, genuine products are the best cartridges for those who are very much skeptical while using the compatible ink cartridges. They just provide peace of mind to the users.

ISO quality certification

To safeguard yourself it is recommended to use compatible ink cartridges that are ISO marked. ISO certification is only available from the most reputable and the largest importers in Australia. Certified cartridges are genuine compatible products. They can also be recycled, which is great for the environment.

Look for a ninety day guarantee

None of the cartridges are fault free, and even the genuine products can sometimes be dysfunctional. In rare cases, compatible ink cartridges may not work properly due to the incompatibility of the micro chip. Though these cases are not common, you should keep a back up plan ready if such circumstances ever happen to arise. That is why, look for products which give at least a ninety day guarantee. Most of the reputable suppliers prefer replacing the cartridges when a customer has bought faulty ink cartridges.

Taking all these considerations into account, it can be seen that both compatible and genuine ink cartridges are profitable depending upon a person’s needs.