What Is The Specialty Of Cryotherapy?

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Specialty Of Cryotherapy?

Oral lesions can be treated in many different ways, then why cryotherapy? What is the specialty of it?

In general, cryotherapy is the deliberate destruction of tissue through application of extreme cold. It has been used in most oral medicine and pathology for over thirty years. The process simply destructs the tissue by freezing. Initially, it was used to treat oral cancer and cavity only. But at present, it is also used in the head and neck region and treats various benign skin growths as well as malignant lesions.

Principles of cryotherapy

The basic technique of cryotherapy stresses rapid cooling, slow thawing and repetition of the freezing process to maximise tissue destruction. The two methods recognised are a closed system with the use of probes and nitrous oxide. Spray techniques are useful in widespread dermatological
lesions, intra-bony cavities and small skin cancers to prevent recurrence.

But apart from treating oral…

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