The Maintenance Tips For Trailer’s Axle

Trailer axles are made to carry huge loads on them. Therefore, you must take good care of them to keep things performing smoothly. One of the most debilitating moments for a car trailer is axle failure. Maintaining the axle may not come to your mind until you face something liked\ that. And when it occurs, fixing the problem becomes a really messy job.

Whatever trailer you purchase

As such, it is a wise choice to maintain the axles regularly, or soon after the trailer has been used from a long trip. Failure to conduct proper maintenance can leave you with a trailer that won’t move. The axles are one of the few movable parts and thus, they require regular attention to keep you safe and mobile.

So, here are some maintenance tips which you need to follow to avoid malfunctioning trailer axle.

Keep it clean

Always keep the movable parts of an axle free from dust, dirt and debris. This can build up over time, even when the trailer isn’t in use. Spray forced water from a hose to reduce the chance of pebbles or dirt gathering under the trailer hitch or between the brake pads.

Repack the bearings

Remove the wheels from the trailer axle and take out the wheel hub to clean the bearings. This step is recommendable in every year or two, depending on the usage of the trailer. Make sure you clean the bearings with a solvent and then pack the bearings and the hub with grease. This ensures smooth operation of your trailer axle by reducing friction between the moveable parts of the axle and metal wheels.

Grease the axle

Just like the bearings, the axles must also be lubricated during the maintenance period. This helps them to perform freely without any friction. Lubrication also increases the lifespan of a trailer.

The motive of axle maintenance

The main reason behind servicing your trailer axles is to make them free from clutter built by moisture accumulation. The previously applied grease can become diluted and break down due to moisture build up. Therefore, it makes sense to perform this simple maintenance periodically even if you don’t use the trailer on a regular basis.

Whatever trailer you purchase, be it a 4 or 5 car hauler, make sure that you do this basic maintenance step properly to give a justification to the investment made.