What Is The Difference Between Single & Tandem Axle?

Trailering Informations

Car Trailer Manufacturer TexasIt is the number of axles that determine whether the trailer is a single or a double axle variant. In a single axle trailer, there is a sole set of wheels. Whereas in double, the set of wheels are twice the set. The count of wheels makes it easy to determine a trailer type.

Single axle trailers:

Generally it is easier to maneuver a single axle trailer as it is smaller than a tandem model. If the parking space is limited you must go for a single axle model of a flatbed trailer. However, it is recommended to consult with the car trailer manufacturer to choose the best model based on your needs.

Also, when it comes to mileage, single axle trailers are more efficient due to the size and lightweight. When you choose to tow a vehicle, the process becomes easier as they are low in height. Single axle…

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