How To Drive Safely With 4 Car Trailers

Need to haul 4 cars with full safety and you are worrying how to do? This article will show you how to drive safely with 4 car trailers. Follow the steps, drive your trailer properly and avoid all the risks.
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  • Ensure The Trailer Capabilities

The car manufacturer in their manual specifies weight and other useful information for every car. So, first of all, confirm the weight of all the four cars first. Look for two numbers, one is the gross trailer weight (GTW) and the other one is the maximum tongue weight. GTW basically combines the trailer weight and the gear on it. And the other one is the tongue weight. Tongue weight assesses the class of hitch that is required to tow the load.

  • Make Sure Trailer Is Attached Properly

Before hitting the road ensure that the trailer is properly attached to the truck. Use the tongue jack and raise the trailer and then align it with the hitch ball. Lower the trailer and then unlock the hitch lock thus ensuring safety and security of the tongue.

  • How to Drive Trailer On Busy Road

Driving trailer on a busy road in the midst of heavy traffic is quite a hectic job. So, start practice driving it on quiet roads. You can avoid any road accidents and heavy loss. Plus, you can safeguard the four cars that you are carrying at the back. Now secure the tongue.

Take wide turns. Trailer with four cars generally gets increased in regular length thus remains a chance of hitting other cars, curbs, or running off to the road. Sharp turn can lead to disaster and your trailer can wreak havoc. Not only that, you will have to learn driving in reverse. And do not forget to drive slow.

  • Maintain The Same Line

Always keep your truck and trailer on a straight line, so get yourself oriented properly. If accidentally you get ahead of the spot, stop the car immediately. Move the wheel of the trailer to the left and more to the driver’s side.

  • Do Not Overlook Your Front End

Keep an eye on the truck side mirrors all the times while driving. Look for bumps and parking obstacles and drive cautiously. You can face some fatal accident and it can cause serious damage to the loaded cars if you show any negligence. Rear-view is basically of no use in this case.

Give yourself a lot of time to practice driving with a trailer with follow the steps and boost work skill and confidence.