Why Should The Real Estate Purchasers Be Sure to Measure

On contemplating the real estate purchase, the purchaser has to ensure measuring the property dimensions intended to be bought. In the first place, a property has to be measured for two specific reasons.

  1. Measuring the property gives the confidence that the property being purchased has been properly identified. When the property is measured, then the plan is carefully considered that has been provided in the contract. After that, the land as described in the contract is located on the ground.
  2. Next, the best way to determine how much land is exactly pursued is through land measurement. The erected fences inside the correct boundaries mean you are paying more for the land than you are receiving in reality.

Land Identification
By all means, you have to be safe from purchasing the wrong property or land, hence by all means you will have to hire licensed surveyors from a registered company in Perth. When a subdivision is in question, and the subdivided blocks cannot be identified as such other than the white marker pegs, then the sales representatives will even have to turn up to the licensed surveyors for a solution. It is because they are having just the contracts for the blocks which look the same, and are safe with the Lot numbers appearing on each.

Through property measurement, the purchaser is ensured of being properly matched to the sale contract with the correct block. The land description as given in the contract is used for block identification on the plan. Later, the plan is used for locating the actual block.

Checking the Land

  • It could be the fences have been erected inside the property boundaries, and you are not getting the entire land as has been described in the documents sale.
  • There are chances that the real estate agent has informed you about the unit you intend to buy is having two parking spaces, but the reality is different. The sale contains only one car park.
  • The vendor might have claimed the old laneway at the property’s rear and have extended the side fences informally or illegally, and that is why the backyard is appearing bigger than it seems.

Measuring the property properly helps in discovering all these anomalies.

How Should the Land Be Measured?
A property can be measured with the help of surveyors. By hiring a licensed surveyor for a check survey, you can have a plan showing you the title boundaries and the actual boundaries of the very property in question. They are aware of the steps and equipment to use to measure the property well.

Now that we have arrived at the end, so it is safe to mention that the property dimensions should be measured before the property is bought. The best step is to work with your licensed surveyor or lawyer. Keep in mind, in real estate, as a buyer, you have to abide by the “buyer beware” policy.