Determining The Right Upholstery Fabric As Per Their Weight

Determining The Right  Upholstery Fabric As Per Their Weight.jpgSelecting an ideal upholstery fabric weight should be treated as a vital matter when a furniture needs to be refurbished or restored. However, many people tend to forget about it while choosing from a wide range of pattern, colour, texture and print options. Buyers can further be confused by insufficient or inaccurate descriptions provided about the durability of upholstery fabrics. In general, there are three types of weight for upholstery fabric – heavy, medium and light. In order to choose the right one, the buyer should have a sound idea about construction, behaviour and content of the material chosen.

Determining The Right Upholstery Fabric As Per Their  Weight.jpg

Lightweight fabrics generally work well with seasonal furniture having intricate tucks and curves as well as slipcovers. They are provided by many reputed firms specialising in upholstery in Sydney. They consist of durable fibres like linen, nylon and cotton and also microfibres, which requires them to be woven tightly. There is a simple method for testing a lightweight fabric and that involves cutting a swatch & then pulling it in different directions. In case the material frays and shows absence of resilience, it is undoubtedly of inferior quality.

The same test can be used for examining the quality of heavy and medium fabrics. But how tight or loose the weave of material is would also play a very important role. For instance, cotton is not as heavy as burlap, although the threads of the latter are woven loosely, making it more susceptible to skewing, fraying and tearing. You can also go ahead and inquire about additional information on durability, fabric content and rub rate in case of medium and heavy options.

Determining  The Right Upholstery Fabric As Per Their Weight.jpg

Besides testing and acquiring extra information, do not forget to consider the texture of the fabrics, particularly for heavyweight options. There are various patterns that are likely to develop frays rather quickly, such as an embellishing overlay or nubby texture. Places that are more vulnerable include cording, seams and armrests. You cannot always take it for granted that a heavy fabric would last for years to come.

Before making plans to purchase fabrics, try to do some research on the popular brands and manufacturers in market, such as Mokum, Warwick and Sunbrella. It will help you a lot to choose the right material as per your requirements. This is because top brands usually strive more to deliver quality than unidentified companies. Thus, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment would serve you for many years to come.