Get Energy Efficient Windows For Your Home

get-energy-efficient-windows-for-your-homeIf you live in a very old house and your windows are probably dated as well, they can become the reason for high electricity bills during summer and winter. Old windows are very poor when considered in terms of energy efficiency. Not only would they allow excess heat to escape and make your heating system work more on chilly days, but also prevent heat from entering when the sun is shining bright outside, thereby increasing cooling costs.

Fortunately, there is something you can do in order to keep your electricity bills from skyrocketing dufee to old windows – replace them with substitutes bought from energy star rated window supplier in Saskatoon. When installed and maintained properly, these new types of windows provide return on investment by lowering the cooling & heating expenses.

But simply buying energy efficient windows is not enough; they need to be properly installed, as has been mentioned already. There are a few guidelines that must be observed to ensure proper installation, along with implementation of some other things for greater efficacy. Only then would your windows maximize heat gain during winter and minimize it throughout summer.Get Energy Efficient Windows For Your Home  .jpg In case your house receives a lot of heat generally, make sure that the main glazing surfaces of the windows face south for collecting heat from the sun in winter. To prevent excess heat absorption, you can use shading devices such as overhangs during summer. The windows must have an SHGC coefficient that is more than 0.6, along with a U-factor less than or equal to 0.35 for reducing heat transfer through conduction. It should also possess high VT (visible transmittance) to ensure transfer of adequate visible light.

The windows installed on the north, east and west facing walls must be minimized in number, but they should be enough to allow entry of sufficient daylight. North-facing windows usually absorb very less heat, but it can be slightly difficult to regulate light and heat through west and east facing windows, especially when the sun has gone low. As such, make sure you use shadings for them.

Last but not the least; do not ever attempt to perform a DIY installation of energy star rated windows because the results can be disastrous. Contact a professional and call them in for handling the task. Not only would the expert ensure a precise installation, but also air seal them properly.