Display Your Products Using Perspex Plinths

plinths.jpgPerspex is one of the most popular brands of acrylic in Sydney and is sold by plenty of plastic fabrication companies. It is used for manufacturing a wide range of display solutions, one of which is plinths.

Custom made Perspex plinths in Sydney are quite popular among business owners because of their glossy & sleek finish and availability in a plethora of colour choices. They are versatile pieces of display media that can even be designed to incorporate LED lights for eye-catching merchandising. They are used in a myriad of different places, including trade fairs, conventions, exhibitions, product launch events, shopping malls, airports, restaurants and retail stores.

display-your-products-using-perspex-plinthSince the constituent material of Perspex plinths is polymethyl methacrylate, they are very lightweight. As such, they are portable enough to be carried from one place to another without any hassle. Also, they are well suited for environments where regular reorganisation of displays is necessary to ensure effective merchandising.

Perspex plinths can be effectively arranged to achieve maximum visibility of products and make them look increasingly attractive. They may also be placed strategically at different places inside a business premise, such as a retail shop or cosmetic store, to boost sales.

Plinths made out of Perspex usually come with interior aluminium framing that remains covered by the top part. As has been mentioned already, they are available in various colour and styles options like tints of shades, gloss black and frosted. The most commonly preferred shades are, however, white and black. These display solutions are also very low maintenance – they can be easily cleaned using some mild detergent or commercial cleaning product and water.

Although Perspex plinths are usually produced in the shape of rectangles, custom shapes like cylinder and cuboid are also available. All one needs to do is discuss the requirements with the appointed plastic fabricator.

Display Your Products Using Perspex Plinths .jpgThere is no doubt about the fact that Perspex plinths are high effective display solutions and can spell various benefits. However, they require implementation of certain precautions to last longer. They should never be dragged across the surface to change their location. Doing so can result in unsightly scratches and abrasions. Moreover, they should be cleaned only with non-abrasive solutions. Under no circumstances must they come into contact with extreme heat.

If you wish to buy Perspex plinths, make sure you find a reputed plastic fabrication firm who would prepare them for you at affordable rates.