The History of Perspex And Its Advantages

Perspex And Its AdvantagesWhen it comes to the history of Perspex, it can be traced way back to 1843. The acrylic acid was formulated in the year of 1865. Later in 1877, a German chemist invented the polymerisation process which turned methyl methacrylate into polymethyl methacrylate. As humans became more modern, the plastic material was also developed and made much safer than before. Acrylic became available as a useful product to both Allied and Axis forces. They used Perspex in the periscopes of the submarines, passenger and fighter jets, windshields, gun turrets and in canopies. After the Second World War, the acrylic glass made its place among materials used for making household products.

There are two types of plastics available at present, thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermosets can be formed into a permanent shape, whereas thermoplastics are pliable and can be reshaped. PMMA, which is referred as poly methyl methacrylate, is a transparent form of thermoplastic used for plastic fabrication. This type of thermoplastic is cost effective and actually known as acrylic glass. It does not contain the potentially harmful bisphenol – a compound like that of a polycarbonate. While the Perspex sheets look similar to a glass, they are more advantageous compared to the latter. They have half the weight of glass and are also very much crack resistant. Today they are a trademark product for many industries associated with construction, architecture, furniture designs, lighting, electronics, health care and communication. You can see them as baby incubators and medical cabinets, where are used to make the panels. If are an adventure-seeker, then you might have even seen them on the body of helicopters and also on top of gliders and boats. In the industrial field, Perspex is a common constituent material as it is light-weight and also resistant to certain chemicals. It is also used for making chemical containers and custom tanks with holding capacities ranging from 20 to 100,000 litres.

A Perspex sheet can also be used as a décor element for a house. One common example is a fish tank made out of Perspex. It is popularly used because it can be lifted easily during the washing and cleaning process of an aquarium. Apart from the typical rectangular shape of an aquarium, an acrylic aquarium can be made available in various other shapes as well.

Perspex is an all-time favourite for a wide range of applications and benefits users with various advantages.