Franchised vs. Privately Owned Commercial Cleaning Company

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A clean and tidy commercial space or office is always appreciable. After all, cleaned space means more productive and safe environment for all. So the importance of a commercial cleaning service cannot be discounted. As such, all that’s left to answer is what kind of cleaning company to go for: a franchised or an owner-operated one? Let’s find out.

Customised Services

A franchised commercial cleaning company is often bound by the terms and conditions set by its main franchisor. This reduces its chances of freely managing its franchisee business for the betterment of the client. This, in turn, can result in lowered efficiency in dealing with the clients’ unique requirements.

On the contrary, a well run privately owned company tends to be more hands-on. They usually have greater freedom to provide the specific type of cleaning services each unique customer requires. A privately owned company is more likely to put a face in front of their services, and to be hands-on when dealing with any question or concern that may arise while working.

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When it comes to decision-making for any service or product, price is always one of the biggest determining factors. An office cleaning service in North Sydney follows a variable pricing option where it charges according to the services it actually provides.

In comparison, a franchise may attempt to charge you the maximum amount possible regardless of the level and types of services they may or may not provide. This is more so because, the brand of the company plays a key role in this aspect. Moreover, a franchised company sometimes requires to pay a certain percentage of their profits to the main franchisor. This is not to say franchised companies are dishonest, pinching every penny they can; it’s simply an inevitable component, which they are bound to do.

Experience and knowledge

While the franchised company structure does have a set of procedures and policies that have worked in their other franchised establishments, the knowledge of the specific franchisee you hire is not likely to match up with that of a privately owned company. A private commercial cleaning company that has served for years, has extensive knowledge of all the pros and cons of commercial cleaning, facility maintenance and janitorial services. In most cases, they have personally gotten their hands dirty in the field, rather than sitting behind a desk. So there is an excellent chance of acquiring knowledge and experience when working with a privately operated cleaning service.

This shows that a private company is always a good choice when it comes to hiring a commercial cleaner.