Why Shouldn’t You Consider To Jump Start Your Vehicle?

Jump Start Your Vehicle

Most car manufacturers these days warn not to jump start vehicles even if the the battery goes flat. Do you know why? Because unintentionally you may damage the car to a greater extent in the process. So, what can you do if jump starting is not the option?

The consequences that may occur in your vehicle

It is obvious that there will be computers in modern cars that control major to minor functions. These can get affected if you jump-start the car. The risk can increase if you consider to boost the battery from a pre -2000 car model. Thus, it’s safe to leave the betterment of a flat battery to an expert.

Jump starting is never a good option because it considerably damages the complex electronic systems in the car. In today’s vehicular system luxury and convenience is often prioritized which includes extra electronics like satellite navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity and life-saving safety equipment like airbags and electronic stability control.

Car battery chargers

You can easily avoid a flat battery with the help of a battery charger. They convert the alternating currents into direct motion of currents. When you consider to purchase a battery charger be sure to determine the type of your car and it’s battery to prevent damage. However, this sometimes becomes very confusing. So, the best option is to hire professional roadside service in London Ontario  who can come up to you with their charging van to boost the car battery. Whether it’s a remote area or you’re stranded on a deserted highway, location is never a concern and they can reach you in no time.

Battery life and death

Normally, a car battery lasts for about 6 years but similar to the other vehicular parts, it all depends on how you operate it. Multiple charging and usage of substantial electronic systems in the car is the quickest route to a flat battery. Yes, a battery can maintain the charge when the engine is running but as soon as it’s stopped, the electronics directly draws all the power from the battery. Therefore, you need to turn off the headlights, interior lights and other electronic systems when you’re finished driving. When a battery is up to its durability limit, it shows some symptoms which you need to check out.

Some people may not be aware of a flat battery symptoms and thus, it’s smart to call an emergency recovery team so that they don’t have to wait until any random help arrives.