Video Surveillance Essential In CCTV

Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) system is one of the new-age technology that helps advance the CCTV camera system. In the world of security systems, the IVS system is a state-of-art innovation. With this technology, the camera identifies a face, motion, body heat and more to enhance your security. The IVS system technology algorithm constantly analyses and learns about the surroundings to offer better protection. This cutting-edge video surveillance technology is thus quite proactive in face of ominous threats. It not just documents the crime but also helps actively respond against crime with features like –

Face Detection:
This video surveillance technology is particularly effective for outdoor surveillance. The algorithm using the range of the camera can help identify faces. Even during night-time, the auto-illumination feature can help to detect a face.

People Counting:
This feature is particularly helpful in a commercial set-up that sees a huge amount of people. The advanced AI of the video surveillance system offers its services. This cutting-edge feature of the video surveillance software counts the head of people within the facility. It helps business owners to keep a track of people accessing an area. Features like this are particularly helpful for crowd management and security.

Heat Map:
In low light conditions or pitch black light, the technology uses heat map technology to detect the presence of people. Since animals and humans have different degrees of body heat, smart technology can easily differentiate whether it is some animal that has intruded on your property or an unidentified person trying to gain access. The IVS system is completely equipped to deal with such a situation.

Intrusion Detection:
The state-of-art video surveillance system can also detect intrusion. The in-built intelligent algorithm can easily detect between a real intrusion and false alarms. The system will not alert due to mere wind movement, rain and other environmental factors thanks to the advanced machine learning feature. Once the video surveillance system detects an intrusion, it can trigger an alarm and notify nominated smart devices.

Auto Tracking:
The IVS system not only detects but it can also track, be it a vehicle or human, if IVS senses unusual movement it will track the subject within its limited range. Thus, you can have such high-end technology to protect outdoor areas. The video surveillance system will track passing cars and zoom on number plates to ensure on incriminating evidence is well-recorded.

These features have helped move Video Surveillance to the forefront in the fight against crime. These advanced technology’s are used in both commercial and residential spaces. An experienced security system provider in your area can help you install a CCTV camera with an Intelligent Video Surveillance system.