Doors & Windows: PVC vs. Aluminum

panoramic-windows-gallery-main.jpgMany Canadian homeowners find themselves torn between PVC and aluminum while choosing new doors and windows for building or home renovation projects. To solve their problems, some experts in Saskatoon have penned down the major differences between the two popular material choices. So let’s find out what they have to say:

Aluminum is undoubtedly more expensive than polyvinyl chloride, whereas the latter has been in great demand due to affordability ever since the 1980s. Besides, doors and windows made out of the former material have significantly higher production costs. However, the prices of PVC options have not inflated as much, thereby making them a common choice.

Polyvinyl chloride is an excellent insulator and therefore, doors and windows made out of it offer great thermal insulation to homes. It preserves the warmth inside and prevents entry of cold, thereby reducing the need for artificial heating. This, in turn, helps to make significant savings on energy bills. On the other hand, aluminum being a conductor of heat, does not trap warm air and allows the cold outside during winter to invade, thus spiking energy costs.

Anything made out of polyvinyl chloride is easy to care for. As such, it is quite obvious that PVC doors & windows can do well even with occasional washdowns using some mild detergent and warm water. Aluminum options, however, need to be repainted and treated a few years after installation for eliminating corrosion. They may also require professional repair services in case of damage from impact.

Speaking of installation, the procedure usually feels like a breeze in the case of Canadian PVC doors and windows made using high quality extrusions. However, same cannot be said about their aluminum counterparts, which are sturdier and tough, thus taking a longer time to be installed. As PVC is soft and easy to modify, it speeds up their installation process.

PVC doors and windows can be recycled a number of times before they become entirely redundant. This adds an eco-friendly factor in their repertoire of positive traits. However, aluminum profiles are not easy to recycle into new aluminum doors and windows.

From this discussion, it is more than clear that PVC has won the race. Now, whether buyers choose to go with polyvinyl chloride or aluminum, it is their decision to make.