How To Choose Flowers For A New Baby?

How To Choose Flowers For A New Baby?The arrival of a new born baby calls for a celebration for parents especially the first-time parents. If someone very close to you have given birth to a new born baby buy flowers and meet them. If you don’t know what flowers to gift or how to choose flowers for a new baby, here it is for you.

Know whether its a girl or a boy

The first thing that you must find out is that whether the new baby born is a girl or a boy. If it’s a boy then blue flowers are ideal but if it’s a girl then pink would go well. However, if both boy and girl are born then a mixture of both coloured flowers should be done. Don’t allow convention in holding you back when it comes to picking up the colours. White & green combo of lilac & ruscus, or gerberas in main colours are even quite effective in arranging the bouquets. In case the baby is sick or premature, it would be wise not to send any flowers until he or she is in good health.

Choose the arrangement accordingly

Your florist in Morwell is open to all floral preferences but is going to be happier to suggest you the perfect seasonal flowers the new arrival.

If it’s a girl and pink is the colour that you have chosen then you can consider flowers like stargazer lilies, lisianthus, rucus, sweet akito rose, cymbidium orchid and bouvardia. But if its a boy and you have chosen blue as the colour of your flowers, then you can go for an arrangement with flowers like flox, thistles, freesia and hyacinth.

Take into account other elements of arrangement

It would also be important for you to decide whether you want an arrangement in a bouquet or a container. Flowers in a ceramic pot or in a basket are both a practical option for new mothers. You can also present a potted plant like miniature rose if you want other than a bouquet or a container as a gift. This gift while marking the birth of the baby is also going to mark the growth of the baby.

Adding accessories is also a good option

New baby floral arrangements look great when accessorised properly and with the right items. If you want, you too can add a bit of your own style in the gift and customise it. Accessories range from balloons to sweets and teddy bears. You can choose any one that you like and warp it up along with the flower arrangement as your customised gift.

How about preparing the arrangement basing on a theme?

Pampers Hampers and not the feathery storks with flowers is the trend nowadays. These are basically floral gifts that are accompanied by a basket of baby products.

Keep these in mind when choosing flowers for the new baby and meet the new mother and baby with a big smile on your face.