Reasons To Choose Murphy Beds

Reasons To Choose Murphy BedsA murphy bed, also known as a wall bed can help you to utilize more space of your room efficiently. Whether you are living in a house or in an apartment, a murphy bed always offers numerous benefits to every traditional bedroom setup. There are numerous reasons to choose a murphy bed for your room. Stated below are some of them –

1. Convertible Home Offices:
If you do a “work from home” job then you will definitely need more space in the working area to increase the overall productivity. Getting an appropriate space that can be utilized efficiently, specially in apartments is a difficult task. But by installing a murphy bed you can simply transform a smallest area into an office space. You will feel more comfortable working at a proper area and it will be easier to deal with potential customers too.

2. Utilize More Space:
The most common benefit of using a wall bed or murphy bed is that you can utilise the room’s space to the fullest. For example, the average size of a queen sized bed is near about 33 ½ square feet or 60in x 80in. Freeing up such a big area in a small room can really help you in numerous ways.

3. Studio Apartments:
If you are living in a studio apartment, then there is definitely a good reason to choose custom made murphy bed. Studio apartment generally has a single room and you have to utilise the room both as a bedroom and a living room. It is also important to use appropriate furniture in order to utilize the space of the room at its best. Using a wall bed can easily transform your room into a multi functional one.

4. Easy To Use:
Lifting up a heavy bed is undoubtedly going to be a difficult task for you. But in case of a murphy bed, this is not going to be a problem, It is much easier to handle and move. Custom made murphy beds are easy to access and can be used efficiently.

Thus if you are searching for an option for utilizing the maximum space of your room, then it is best to opt for wall beds. There are many organizations offering these products at an affordable rates in Vancouver. However, it is advisable to choose a custom made murphy bed rather than to purchase the ready made ones, because bespoke furniture are always easy to access.