Hardwood Flooring Or Carpet Flooring – Which One’s Better?

There are basically two most common and popular choices of flooring that homeowners opt for. They are hardwood and carpet flooring. Each of them has a variety of features that make them favourable for specific environments.

Hardwood Flooring Or Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring

Carpets are warmer than hardwood flooring and can be beneficial especially on a chilly winter morning. They act like a blanket for your feet, and insulate the room quiet efficiently.

The biggest advantage of carpeting is that they are soft and thus, give a great feeling to your feet. To maintain the softness, you need to hire expert carpet cleaners who can enhance the quality for a longer period with their professional care.

Depending on the type of the carpet, most of them are considerably less expensive compared to hardwood flooring. Moreover, installation costs are less too.

A trip or fall on a hardwood flooring can result in severe injuries and broken objects. But in the case of carpets, sustaining injury is near to impossible. This can also be a good consideration if children or elderly residents are there in your family.

Sound reducing agent:
Hardwood flooring has a major drawback – they create loud noises. When installed on upper levels, people staying underneath often complain about the noise made from heavy foot steps. On the contrary, carpets cover the entire floor with their padded base and provide great insulation so that the noise can’t escape to the next floor or go beneath.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring focuses more on achieving greater aesthetic appeal due to various design choices. Also, hardwood flooring is durable compared to carpets because it is more expensive than the latter.

Easy to clean:
Because dust and micro-bacteria can easily hide in a carpet, sometimes it becomes difficult while cleaning. On the contrary, hardwood flooring is easier to clean when it comes to stains and dirts.

Low-allergy surface:
Due to the polished finish of hardwood flooring, dust and microorganisms cannot settle in. All you need to do is to wipe or sweep occasionally to remove harmful particles.

If hardwood flooring is maintained properly, it can last for decades. Carpet, on the other hand, usually needs to be replaced after a couple of years.

As a rule of thumb, carpet is the best option among the two as it provides safety as well as maintains aesthetic appeal. If both are achievable through a single flooring, why opt for separate options? Make sure you choose wisely when investing.